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On the Life Threatening Dangers of Overconfidence

December 23, 2018 Posted by Podcasts 0 thoughts on “On the Life Threatening Dangers of Overconfidence”

Cindy Gagnon was backcountry skiing in Canada when she was buried in an avalanche.

Just a few hours later, the people she was skiing with β€” herΒ friendsΒ β€” acted like nothing had happened. They reveled in the fresh powder, hooting and hollering as they skied home.

How could that be? And what did it mean?

This is a story about a type of denial we all engage in, whether in the wilderness or in our careers. It’s a denial that simultaneously explains β€” and impedes β€” our ability for survival. And it might make you think twice about the decisions you make in the future.

Listen: Out There: Denial

Barking Up the Wrong Tree by Eric Barker

On Overconfidence Being a Bigger Problem than Incompetence

November 30, 2018 Posted by Excerpts 0 thoughts on “On Overconfidence Being a Bigger Problem than Incompetence”

We all spend a lot of time complaining about incompetence, but as Malcolm Gladwell pointed out in a talk he gave at High Point University, overconfidence is the far bigger problem. Why? Incompetence is a problem that inexperienced people have, and all things being equal, we don’t entrust inexperienced people with all that much power or authority. Overconfidence is usually the mistake of experts, and we do give them a lot of power and authority. Plain and simple, incompetence is frustrating, but the people guilty of it usually can’t screw things up that bad. The people guilty of overconfidence can do more damage.

Excerpt from: Barking Up the Wrong Tree by Eric Barker


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