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On the Life Threatening Dangers of Overconfidence

December 23, 2018 Posted by Podcasts 0 thoughts on “On the Life Threatening Dangers of Overconfidence”

Cindy Gagnon was backcountry skiing in Canada when she was buried in an avalanche.

Just a few hours later, the people she was skiing with β€” herΒ friendsΒ β€” acted like nothing had happened. They reveled in the fresh powder, hooting and hollering as they skied home.

How could that be? And what did it mean?

This is a story about a type of denial we all engage in, whether in the wilderness or in our careers. It’s a denial that simultaneously explains β€” and impedes β€” our ability for survival. And it might make you think twice about the decisions you make in the future.

Listen: Out There: Denial


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