Behavioural Science Card Deck

The Product Gems Behavioural Science Card Deck is a collection of 40 flashcards that have been meticulously designed to help you generate innovative ideas for new products, enhance existing features, or find creative solutions to difficult design problems.

The deck is split into four key, colour-coded transactional areas:
conversion, pricing, experience, and loyalty.

Each card distils a piece of behavioural science research into easy-to-understand gems that you can apply to your product.

Use the cards for quick and easy referencing or as a brainstorming tool. Every card is numbered on its front at the top, and other related gem numbers are shown circled at the bottom.

The tactile, physical format has been purposely chosen to encourage teams to disconnect from the online world and work together to find creative product design solutions. Each card measures 12.7×17.8cm, roughly twice the size of a normal playing card.

Buy direct from our printer for the lowest possible price.

The Cards